Fun Physical Activities at Summer Day Camp

Inspire a Lifelong Hobby with Golf and Tennis Lessons

Day camps offer a wealth of programs throughout the school year, but they tend to offer a few extra special ones to give kids a novel way to spend their time during the summer. Activities such as golf and tennis allow kids to develop new interests that last long after their desire to play with toys are over. These types of sports also stimulate both cardiovascular and muscle development, which enhances every other activity a child enjoys in their leisure time.

Form Healthy Friendships with Classic Camp Games

Physical fitness is always more enjoyable when exercise involves a few friends. Day camps provide all the equipment and guidance kids need to get involved in an impromptu game of gaga ball or pillo-polo. From running to capture a flag from an opposing teammate or scrambling to cross the finish line during a derby, friendly competitions encourage bonding along with an understanding that physical activity is just plain fun.

Dive Into Fitness by Strengthening Swimming Skills

Daily swimming lessons train kids on important safety skills while also giving them an enjoyable way to stay healthy. However, day camps make sure that swimming never gets boring by offering multiple ways for a kid to take a dip in the pool. Sliding down water slides, diving for pennies and even conquering the swim all the way across the lake gives kids goals for improving their skills that they look forward to accomplishing.

Cultivate Better Health With Gardening

Summer day camp is full of boisterous activities, but it also provides other ways for kids to engage in physical activity. For instance, gardening is a form of exercise that kids are naturally drawn to out of curiosity about the world around them, and it is perfect for giving kids an outlet for their energy when they are dealing with restrictions from a sports injury. Gardening also promotes positive mental wellbeing and helps kids learn more about nature.

Release Energy by Literally Climbing the Walls

Families often discover that their child is more like a little monkey than a human since their boundless energy leaves them constantly running about the house. At day camp, specialized equipment such as rock climbing walls and rope courses give kids a safe place to take risks such as reaching for that hand hold that seems just out of reach. Flying through the air on high rope swings gives kids an instant reward for their courage and dedication to engage in challenging physical activities.

Keeping kids active during the summer doesn’t have to be that hard when families take advantage of camp programs. By finding a day camp program that carefully balances structured and child-lead activities, you can watch your child blossom into a person that loves the outdoors and appreciates physical activity.

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